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dybas - Die Bahnseiten (The Trainsites) is an online compendium with the focus on freight cars. The two headings Freight cars of DB AG and Wagons further EVU are supplemented by information on types, addresses, generic metrics and charges. About the register many more topics from the railways can be reached. All headings do not claim to be exhaustive.
    Unfortunately, some important sources are no longer available, so just in newer car an information deficit. Therefore, the DB AG has now been restricted to the presentation period 1994-2011 for the wagons. This mainly refers to new cars and their data and recent photographs can still be found.
    I still hope that dybas will be interesting for you and that existing gaps over time can be closed.

     dybas is a hobby project and has no commercial background. Number of pages derived from the beginning and by dybas to be successively transferred to a better layout of a larger main image, as for example when Samms 489 is the case.

Major changes:

In spring 2021, the inventory data of the DB AG freight wagons could be updated. The latest status is now at the end of 2018 (instead of the end of 2008). In addition, the spelling of the number ranges has generally been changed to a 4-digit GKZ. If the wagons are labeled differently, this type of writing will continue to be given.

In November 2014 it was decided for the freight cars of the DB AG to dispense with the symbol "In use stock" and only the types with the symbol "No longer in use inventory" to indicate where this statement is also true with certainty. The background is the only sparse information about the vehicle fleet.

In July 2013, the operation was designed more comfortable. Links have been realized in order to better navigate with the headers. The color of the header is intended to facilitate orientation: Red stands for "Wagon of the DB AG," Blue stands for "Another utility vehicles" and Tan stands for "More information on freight cars". Some pages have two colored headers. Here you can branch into two different "levels".
An example: From the overview page of the Eaos AAE Cargo AG can jump in the blue part of the header either to the other wagons in AAE, AAE or view the view the EVU. About the light brown part you get to EVU-wide overviews. Based on the aforementioned page here you can jump to either the list of other Eaos, to search further e-car or view the wagon types.

As of February 2011, the presentation of "XL pictures" using Magic Thumb , a tool of the Magic Toolbox , possible. This is marked by a small magnifying glass, once with a thumbnail in the Overview of additional images (see eg Eanos-x 059) and above the other figure itself (see, eg car 537 5 357). Click on the image opens an image that is larger than a width of 1,700 pixels. With smaller screen resolutions or smaller program window is enlarged only to the window size (width or height, whichever is reached first). A click on the big picture is closed again.

A little history to dybas:

Perhaps some railway enthusiasts "dybas - the dynamic web archive" know yet. That was a reference work on railways in Germany and was between 1998 and 2007 in seven editions on CD and later on DVD by VBN Verlag B. Neddermeyer" as published.

     After the planned for the spring of 2009, new edition 2009/2010 from a personnel perspective could not be produced, the production of the DVD-archive to the end of 2009 it was decided to discontinue. Until then for two years worked Updates, additions and corrections were initially "on ice" until with me the idea developed not to let this work useless burn in the sinking and at least the heading "goods wagon of the DB AG" under the slightly modified title "dybas - Die Bahnseiten" to present online.

     The freight cars were "removed" from the Complete Works, revised pages and asked the photo suppliers for their approval for publication on the Internet Finally, the online version was early May 2010 to be launched.

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